Olympus µTomoscan Portable Ultrasound Inspection System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus µTomoscan Portable Ultrasound Inspection System

The µTomoscan is our most economical multichannel UT system. It allows the use of pulse-echo, transmission technique and time-of-flight-diffraction technique (TOFD). It features both logarithmic and linear amplifiers. The µTomoscan is ideal for in-service inspection that requires automated data acquisition, real-time imaging, flaw sizing, etc.The µTomoscan system is built around R/D Tech Tomoview™ a standardized Windows-based software platform for data acquisition and analysis. This software offers the flexibility to configure layouts for any specific application to better meet your particular inspection requirements.

General Features

* Up to 8 internal ultrasound channels expandable to 16 remote ultrasound channels
* Pulse echo (P/E), time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD), or transmission mode on any channel
* 20 kHz pulsing rate (PRF)
* 100 MHz, 8-bit A/D converter
* DAC curves
* Real-time averaging of waveforms
* Real-time data compression
* Real-time waveform recording
* Two measurement gates and one synchronization gate per channel
* Logarithmic and linear amplifiers
* Real-time display of A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, and D-scan
* Echodynamic and envelope displays
* Multichannel, angle-corrected real-time display of top, side, and end views
* Merged imaging of data from multiple channels
* Flaw representation on 2D overlays
(using imported 2D and 3D CAD files)
* Direct interface to manual and motorized scanners
* Multitasking system:
Analysis may proceed during data acquisition
* PC-based setup, data acquisition, and data analysis
* Storage of unlimited number of user-defined inspection setups
* Reports using user-defined layouts

Weld inspection
Based on the Olympus NDT's strong know-how in nuclear, petrochemical, and heavy industry, the µTomoscan includes all the functions required to perform weld inspections. The multichannel µTomoscan offers the possibility to combine TOFD and P/E techniques, which allows more complete and accurate characterization and sizing of defects.

Corrosion mapping and surface inspection
In petrochemical applications, corrosion detection and mapping represent a major portion of the inspection requirement. The aerospace market also requires scanning of large surfaces for disbonding and delamination.

Heavy industry
The use of automated ultrasound NDT equipment in heavy industry provides immediate inspection results and superior flaw sizing. Compared to manual inspections, automated inspection systems guarantee complete coverage, and provide supporting documentation to that effect. Inspection results are provided directly to a computer, and data may be archived and printed.

Industrial NDT
The open architecture design of the hardware and software of the µTomoscan enables it to adapt to plant operation and go-no-go process control. The µTomoscan packaged in an industrial housing along with an industrial computer and MCDU-02 in rack-mount version meet these requirements.