Olympus 5627 RPP-1 Remote Pulser Preamplifier

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Olympus 5627 RPP-1 Remote Pulser Preamplifier

The performance of high frequency ultrasonic transducers can be significantly affected by the length of the cable between the transducer and pulser-receiver. The Panametrics-NDT Model 5627RPP-1 Remote Pulser Preamplifier permits use of an optimum short cable in applications when setup requirements would otherwise dictate a cable length that would degrade transducer performance.

Features & Benefits

* High Frequency broadband receiver (10-150 MHz)
* 24 dB gain
* Low noise
* Switchable energy control
* Pulser repetition rate 0 to 20 KHz
* Rise Time < 2nS
* Compatible with Model 5900PR Pulser-Receiver
* Able to drive 500 ft. (152 m) cable


The Model 5627RPP-1 is designed for imaging, flaw detection, thickness gaging, and material characterization applications in the frequency range of 20 to 125 MHz. It is used with a host instrument, normally a Panametrics-NDT Model 5900PR Pulser-Receiver. Receiving power and an external trigger command from the host instrument, the Model 5627RPP-1 generates an excitation pulse of selectable energy. The excitation pulse is transmitted to the transducer through a very short (typically 12 inch/305 mm) coaxial cable. Returning echoes are amplified by a high frequency broadband preamplifier, and then sent to the host instrument for further processing. Cable length between the Model 5627RPP-1 and the host instrument can be as great as 500 ft./152 m.

Because the cable connecting the Model 5627RPP-1 to the transducer is very short, undesirable cable effects are minimized. However, the instruments' ability to drive a very long cable to the host instrument provides great mechanical flexibility in setups. For contact applications it can be easily hand-carried. Mechanical dimensions and an interconnection diagram are on the reverse side of this data sheet.


Repetition Rate: 0 to 20 KHz by external trigger pulse
Pulse Type (main bang): Negative Impulse
Maximum Pulse: 150 Volts at minimum damping (damping Amplitude: control fully ccw)
Damping: 6 to 50 ohms ± 10% continuously  adjustable
Rise Time: <2nS (50 ohms damping)
Available Pulse Energy: 1, 2, 4, and 8uJoules, switch selectable
Ext. Trig. Requirements: TTL COMPATIBLE
Rise Time: <20nS
Pulse Width: 200nS # PW # 1uS
When used with the Model 5900PR  compatible trigger is furnished by the host instrument

Voltage Gain: (Non-Inverting) 24 dB ±2 dB (RL = 50 ohms and 4ft.  RG58/U cable) Bandwidth (-3dB) 10 MHz to 150 MHz.
Noise: Typically 60u V pk-pk referred to the input (BW = 150 MHz), 100uV pk-pk max.
Output Impedance: 50 ohms
Maximum Output Voltage: ±0.3 Volt peak (RL= 50 ohms)
Cable Length: 10 ft. (3 m) standard cable length 500 ft (152 m) recommended max
Operating Temperature: 32° to 122° F (0 to 50° C)

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