Olympus Chain Industrial Scanner

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus Chain Industrial Scanner

With a range of outside diameters from 114 mm to 914 mm (4 to 36 in. pipes) and two encoded axes, the R/D Tech® chain scanner presents the optimum manual pipe inspection solution.

Two kits are available, depending on the required range of pipe diameters:

OD pipe diameter range: 114 mm to 406 mm (4 to 16 in. pipes)

OD pipe diameter range: 114 mm to 914 mm (4 to 36 in. pipes)


* Suitable for circumferential weld and pipe inspection with phased array, TOFD, or conventional UT
* Suitable for corrosion mapping of small areas with phased array or conventional UT
* Possible configuration using 1 or 2 probes at a time
* Encoded manual scan in both X and Y axes
* Independent chain links mounted on stainless-steel bearings
* Maximum index-axis displacement of 320 mm for one module.
* Maximum distance of 270 mm between two facing spring-loaded arms (SLAs).
* One stopper on each shaft to limit or define scan module displacement
* Easy clamping device for quick scanner positionning
* Level on main module for easier horizontal zero positioning
* Incremental knob for smooth or step rotation on scan axis
* Adjustable probe-module position on scan axis
* SLAs insuring good probe contact in any scanner position or orientation.
* Tool-free adjustment of probe modules, chain links, and locks
* Manual lock on scan axis
* Suitable for:
o MultiScan MS 5800™
o OmniScan®
o TomoScan Focus LT™