Olympus EPOCH 4PLUS Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus EPOCH 4PLUS Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The Panametrics-NDT™ EPOCH 4PLUS is an advanced digital ultrasonic flaw detector featuring a multi-color LCD and a host of new features to meet challenging inspection requirements. It combines powerful flaw detection and measurement capabilities, extensive data storage, and the ability to transfer detailed inspection data to the PC via its high-speed USB port.

The EPOCH 4PLUS incorporates all of the advanced signal processing features of the industry proven EPOCH 4, including a 25MHz RF bandwidth to permit testing of thin materials, narrowband filters to improve signal-to-noise in high gain applications, a negative spike pulser for applications requiring higher frequencies, and a selectable square wave pulser to optimize penetration on thick or highly attenuating materials.

EPOCH 4PLUS features include a USB communications port, Echo-Echo in RF mode, Automatic or Manual Polarity Detection in RF mode, EMAT transducer optimization capability, and optional Backwall Echo Attenuator. In addition, the Memory/Datalogger has an improved storage capacity with a combination of 6,400 waveforms/calibrations and 128,000 thickness readings. An External Trigger In/Out feature permits pulser input from a synchronized external device, allowing a high degree of positional accuracy.


• Customizable narrowband filtering
• Selectable, tunable square wave or negative spike excitation pulser
• Light, ergonomically designed
• Fast, minimum 60Hz display update rate
• Large, multi-color LCD with full/split screen views
• Dynamic Waveform Color Variation changes waveform color based on flaw or minimum depth alarm conditions
• Display Freeze holds waveform and soundpath data
• Automated transducer calibration
• Soundpath data viewable in inches, millimeters, or microseconds
• Peak Hold and Peak Memory
• Alarms, threshold positive/negative, or minimum depth
• Dual Gate with Echo-Echo measurements
• Echo-Echo in RF mode
• Automatic or Manual Polarity Detection in RF mode
• EMAT transducer optimization capability
• External Trigger In/Out
• Security Key enables remote upgrade of software options