Olympus HS-10 Mouse Industrial Scanner

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus HS-10 Mouse Industrial Scanner

The HS10-X01 mouse-type scanner is designed for encoding phased array scans in laboratory or production environments.

This scanner offers you an efficient one-hand encoded manual-scan solution. The encoder wheels are specially made not to slip on wet surfaces.


* Encoded linear-scan (one axis) for phased array or pulse-echo inspections with appropriate yoke
* 2 encoded wheels in contact with surface for maximum adherance
* Easily clipped and spring-loaded yoke can be positionned with 90º skew
* Encoder resolution: 5 step/mm
* Durable aluminum casing
* Suitable for the OmniScan MX or TomoScan FOCUS LT™.

Scanner Kit Components

* 1 cable to connect to OmniScan®
* 1 40-mm PA yoke (compatible with SA1, SA2, and SPWZ1 phased array wedges).
* 1 carrying case