Olympus HSMT-Compact Industrial Scanner

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus HSMT-Compact Industrial Scanner

The R/D Tech® HSMT-Compact is a light, small, and versatile manual one-axis encoded scanner. It can be used -with up to four probes- on plates and for circumferential scans on pipes as small as 4 in. schedule (4.5 in. OD). The scanner length can be changed and the frame can extend outside the limit of the wheels, providing a configuration that is well suited for hard-to-reach places such as pipe-to-component welds.

The HSMT-Compact completes the HSMT family. While the HSMT-Flex and HSMT-X03 are designed for construction welding inspection, the HSMT-Compact is designed for maintenance weld inspection.


* Circumferential scan on 4 in. schedule pipes (4.5 in. OD), or greater
* Magnetic wheels hold the unit against a ferromagnetic inspection surface.
* Light aluminum frame with customizable length
* Frame design allows probes to be positioned outside the wheels.
* Support up to 4 probes on pipes or flat surfaces
* Fully adjustable probe positioning
* Independently spring-loaded probe holders
* Waterproof, spring-loaded encoder
* Removable handles
* Eyelet for umbilical or lanyard attachment
* Water manifold integrated into the scanner frame
* Metric/U.S. rulers on the scanner for easy probe separation measurement