Olympus HSMT-X03 Industrial Scanner

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus HSMT-X03 Industrial Scanner

The R/D Tech® HSMT-X03 offers an efficient way to make a complete manual weld inspection. It can perform TOFD, pulse-echo, and phased array inspection separately or all at once.

The basic configuation is intended for construction welding inspection. In order to be used in more restricted areas, the scanner can also be reconfigured with the provided short frame bars.


* Compact and versatile. The provided frame bars allow size customization.
* Full range of pulse-echo and TOFD probes and wedges, including the composite CentraScan™ series
* Can support up to 8 conventional or phased array probes.
* The four magnetic wheels can rotate 90º to allow scans in both directions
* Light aluminum frame
* Fully adjustable probe positions
* Metric/English rulers on the scanner frame for easy probe-separation measurement
* Probe holders are independently spring-loaded
* Splashproof spring-loaded wheel encoder
* Eyelet for umbilical attachment

HSMT-X03 Kit Includes

* Scanner frame
o Three 300-mm (8 in.) frame bars
o Two 200-mm (8 in.) frame bars
* Three additional 200-mm (8 in.) frame bars
* Two additional 125-mm (5 in.) frame bars
* Four magnetic wheels
* Splashproof spring-loaded wheel encoder
* 5-m encoder cable for OmniScan®
* Four metric/English rulers
* Water manifold
* Six 90º probe holder brackets
* Six spring-loaded arms (SLA)
* Six TOFD/PE 40 mm yokes
* Two PA 40 mm yokes
* Irrigation tubing and accessories
* Hard carrying case