Olympus HSTC-X01 Industrial Scanner

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus HSTC-X01 Industrial Scanner

The caliper-style time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) scanner opens up new possibilities for fast manual inspections, which include data recording.


* Manually deployed single-axis scanner for use on plate, pipe, and curved surfaces
* "Plug in and go" design
* Positionally encoded via spring-loaded and friction-drive jockey wheel
* Fully adjustable probe center separation (PCS) from 28 mm to 160 mm
* Contact or gap-scan operation
* Compact, light, and versatile
* Operates in any orientation and surface from flat down to 75 mm OD.
* The probe distances are easily adjusted, and angles can be set to 45º, 60º, and 70º.


* Ideal for position-related A-scan, B-scan, D-scan, and echo-dynamic scan data collection
* Fast inspection
* Durable construction
* Quick-release tandem probe attachment via gimballed holders
* Full range of wedges and transducers, including shock wave and piezocomposite series
* Applicable to pipework, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and structural components