Olympus MCDU Motor Controler Unit

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus MCDU Motor Controler Unit

The MCDU-02™ motor controller unit provides closed loop servo-motor motioncontrol for flexible, accurate scanning. The system settings allow you to set complex scanning arrangements with ease.


* Fully programmable raster motion controller to define virtually any required scan pattern
* Encoder-line driver receiver
* Joystick
* Speed, forward, and reverse control
* Emergency stop button

MCDU-02 Motor Controller Unit Specifications

* 2 servomotor outputs (optional)
* 2 TTL encoder inputs: each one can use the quadrature and step/directions modes
* Ethernet™ ports: 2 ports, 10Base-T
* Control line: 2 indexes (TTL), 2 homes (opto), 2 position limit switches (opto), 2 negative limit switches (opto)
* 2 serial ports (RS-232 or RS-422)