Olympus Mini-Wheel Encoder

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus Mini-Wheel Encoder

The Mini-Wheel Encoder is used for the positioning and dimensioning of defects in the scan axis. It can synchronize data acquisition with probe movement.

The Mini-Wheel Encoder is waterproof and compatible with the HST-X04 scanner, as well as Olympus NDT standard PA wedges that can be connected with the included bracket kit.

This miniature encoder is built with an aluminium casing, a stainless steel wheel, and has a resolution of 12 counts per millimeters (304.8 counts per inch).


* Waterproof
* Small dimensions
* Encoder resolution is engraved on the wheel
* Removable encoder wheel
* Double O-ring tire for better adherence
* Metallic strain relief for cable protection
* Spring-loaded pin for encoder attachment
* Two M3 threaded holes on top of the casing for rigid attachment
* DE version is compatible with the Omniscan instrument with (DE15 connector type)
* BX version is compatible with the FOCUS LT instrument with (Bendix connector type)

Standard Inclusions

* 1 encoder with standard wheel
* 1 bracket kit
* 1 Allen key screwdriver for bracket attachment
* 1 carrying case