Olympus MultiScan MS5800 for Tube Automated Inspection

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus MultiScan MS5800 for Tube Automated Inspection

The MultiScan MS5800 is a multi-technology system offering these technologies:

* Eddy Current
* Magnetic Flux Leakage
* Remote Field
* IRIS Ultrasound

Tube Inspection with ECT

* Condensers
* Feedwater heaters
* Heat exchangers
* Air conditioners

Eddy current testing is a noncontact method for the inspection of nonferromagnetic tubing. This technique is suitable for the detection and sizing of metal discontinuities such as corrosion, erosion, wear, pitting, baffle cuts, wall losses, and cracks in nonferrous materials.

Probes used to perform eddy current inspections are made with a copper wire wound to form a coil. The coil shape can vary to better suit specific applications.

a - The alternating current flowing through the coil at a chosen frequency generates a magnetic field around the coil.
b - When the coil is placed close to an electrically conductive material, eddy current is induced in the material.
c - If a flaw in the conductive material disturbs the eddy current circulation, the magnetic coupling with the probe is changed and a defect signal can be read by measuring the coil impedance variation.

MultiScan MS-5800E Key Features

* 4 simultaneous frequencies per input
This feature allows inspection speed up to 2 m/s with 4 absolute and 4 differential frequencies without signal distortion.
* Electronic probe balancing
No separate external reference probe is required for absolute channel operation.
* 4 ECT inputs and up to 64 multiplexed channels The MS-5800E can support a large number of ECT channels to perform array-probe inspection. Compared to single channel inspection, the array-probe technology allows faster and easier surface coverage.