Olympus Plates In-line Inspection System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus Plates In-line Inspection System

Our eddy current array inspection system advantageously replaces liquid penetrant in the inspection of flat surfaces, producing results much faster and without any chemical handling. Furthermore, results are stored on standard PC-based hardware and can be transferred in customized reports.

Also, array probes are a great alternative to the long dead zone, low sensitivity, and high maintenance level of the standard flat, rotating probe heads. Eddy current array probes are sized to cover a wide surface to lower the number of passes and, since there is no need for moving mechanical parts, the probes have a very high longevity and require little maintenance.

The system performs inspections of magnetic and nonmagnetic materials for detection of surfacebreaking and near-subsurface defects. The probe configuration detects axial and transverse defects. Plates of varying widths can be accommodated by simply adding or removing probe modules. Online production testing can reach speeds of up to 1m/s.

Added benefits include: no need for contact fluid and the ability to inspect beyond the first layer of a multilayer structure.