Olympus PowerStation In-line Inspection System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus PowerStation In-line Inspection System

The PowerStation is a unique nondestructive testing instrument offering multiple testing methods through its innovative modular design concept. The PowerStation is capable of operating as a dedicated eddy current or ultrasonic flaw detector, or the user can choose to run both eddy current and ultrasonic tests simultaneously.

Reconfiguration of the PowerStation is achieved by simply turning the unit off, changing the module(s) and turning the instrument back on. In seconds, the instrument is ready for almost any type of inspection. And now, with PowerLinkTM technology, inspections have never been so quick and efficient. PowerLinkTM stores setup and identity information within the sensor so that the PowerStation can be rapidly configured for a specific application while documenting the exact sensor used.

The PowerStation base unit is configured with a large 10.4" (265 mm) color LCD display with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. This bright screen provides high resolution and remarkable contrast to ensure accurate inspections. In addition, it can be configured for use with a VGA compatible computer monitor or projector, making it an excellent choice for classroom training or remote monitoring applications.


• One to four channels of eddy current testing
• One to four channels of ultrasonic testing
• One or two channels of eddy current and/or ultrasonic testing simultaneously
• Front or rear facing module connectors
• Multiple analog, alarm, and digital outputs
• Large 10.4" (265 mm) color LCD
• USB and Ethernet communications
• PowerLinkTM Technology - automatic transducer recognition and instrument set-up
• Durable/rugged case design
• VGA output
• Windows-based WorkMaster™ software