Olympus QuickScan EC In-line Inspection System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus QuickScan EC In-line Inspection System

The Quickscan EC Is a digital instrument, designed for the inspection of ferrous and nonferrous materials using multielement eddy current probes.

The capacities and flexibility of this system make it suitable for many applications such as surface inspection or measurement of material properties.

* ERW Inspection
* Surface Inspection
* Bar, Wire, Rod, and Plate Inspection


* 10/100BASE-T Ethernet for connection to PC
* Integrated control of the built-in multiplexer in the array probes
* Real-time multichannel C-scan monitoring (part of MultiView software)
* Computer-assisted calibration software allows reliable calibration of array probes in minutes
* Real-time alarms, usable for automatic defect detection
* System self-test feature for quick diagnostic
* CE marked
* Up to 640 channels per frequency