Olympus QuickScan UT In-line Inspection System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus QuickScan UT In-line Inspection System

* ERW Inspection
* Full Body Inspection
* Tube, Bar, and Plate Inspection
* Flaw Detection and Dimensioning
* Parallel and/or multiplexed channels capabilities
* Up to 8 parallel channels in parallel or 32 channels in multiplexed mode per unit
* Channels for defect detection and dimensioning including OD, ID, and WT measurement
* 4 gates per channel including a synchronization gate
* Multiple alarm capabilities
* Open architecture enabling the use of multiple units when a large number of parallel or multiplexed channels are required
* Dedicated Windows NT® software for in-line applications

The QuickScan UT is unbeatable for multi-channel applications with conventional ultrasound offering fully digital wall thickness measurement and filtering, and High-capacity storage and easy data management.

The QuickScan™ UT is a multichannel ultrasound system for industrial applications. This system offers many powerful features that are ideally suited for high-speed ultrasound inspections, such as in-line testing. It can support one or up to 8 parallel channels, even 32 channels in multiplexed mode. Channels can be used for defect detection and dimensioning, including outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID), and wall thickness (WT) measurement.

The system is equipped with four gates per channel, including a synchronization gate, and multiple alarm capabilities. The QuickScan UT has an open architecture, which means that you can use multiple units when a large number of parallel or multiplexed channels are required.

The QuickScan UT system is designed for versatile use, such as inspection of tubes, bars, and plates. Acquisition and analysis are both performed from a standard PC through a standard Ethernet™ connection and using R/D Tech QuickView™ UT software. This software offers powerful functions and features that are needed for analyzing data from UT (ultrasound) inspections. An ideal tool for either on-site or laboratory data analysis, it runs under Microsoft Windows.

The QuickScan UT is available in two versions: with an 8-bit acquisition board and with a 12-bit acquisition board.