Olympus TomoScan FOCUS LT Automated Inspections

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus TomoScan FOCUS LT Automated Inspections

The TomoScan FOCUS LT is designed for your most demanding automated UT inspection needs. This new benchmark of ultrasound phased array instruments offers exceptional performance for both conventional UT and ultrasound phased array with multiple probe configuration.

The TomoScan FOCUS LT offers a lighter, more compact, and even more reliable solution to your most advanced inspection requirements.


* Full-featured PC-based software for data acquisition and analysis (TomoView ™)
* Multiple channels or phased array probe configuration
* Combined phased array and conventional UT configuration (TOFD + P/E)
* File size of up to 1 GB
* Fast 100Base-T data transfer (4 MB/s)
* Configuration of up to 64:128
* PRF up to 20 kHz
* Real-time data compression and signal averaging
* Interface to external motor controller and scanners