Olympus Wing Industrial Scanner

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-11
Olympus Wing Industrial Scanner

Contour-Following X Y Manual Scanner

The Wing Scanner is a 2-axis scanner for manual ultrasonic inspections. One scanning axis is flexible and conforms to the contour of the part being inspected. Vacuum cups make the Wing Scanner well suited for nonferromagnetic surface inspections.

Typical applications include the inspection of friction stir welding (FSW) and the inspection to detect delamination, cracks, and corrosion on plates and airplane fuselage.


* Two encoded axes for X-Y scans
* Axis positioning with minimal backlash
* Vacuum cups mounted on the flexible axis ease installation on both concave and convex nonferromagnetic surfaces.
* Scanner can be used vertically or upside down using Venturi vacuum cups (Wing Scanner V models only).
NOTE: The scanner must always be secured with a lanyard when used on vertical or upside-down surfaces.
* Suitable for phased array and conventional UT inspection techniques using one probe
* Can operate with an OmniScan or TomoScan FOCUS LT acquisition unit.
* Also available in a manually activated vacuum-cup version that eliminates the need for air supply (Wing Scanner H model)

Flexible X-axis

* Very flexible contour-following track
* Encoder module follows the flexible track (resolution: 39.7 counts/mm).
* Locking lever on the encoder module
* Integrated loop on one end secures the scanner against accidental falls.

Rigid Y-axis

* 16 mm diameter hard-anodized aluminum shaft with stainless-steel toothed rack
* Shaft is mounted on a pivot, allowing constant contact between the probe and the part.
* Shaft will not move under its own weight when the indexing dial is engaged.
* Fully adjustable and easy-to-operate tool-free probe alignment device
* Indexing increments: 0.5 mm and 1 mm
* Axis-locking thumb set screw

Wing Scanner Kit Includes

* Scanner
* Two integrated encoders for X and Y axes
* Encoder cable adapter for OmniScan® MX
* 5 m encoder cable for TomoScan FOCUS LT™
* Adjustable probe holder
* One 40 mm phased array yoke
* One 31.75 mm pulse-echo yoke
* Irrigation accessories

Options for HSFCS-XY01

* Umbilical cable
* Probes
* Wedges
* Water pump