Bissell Flip-it Cleaner

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Bissell Flip-it Cleaner

The hard floor cleaner that easily "flips" sides for wet or dry cleaning

* easily converts from dry to wet, hard floor cleaning
* specialized wet and dry cleaning sides provide maximum cleaning effectiveness
* compact size provides superior maneuverability in tight spot

Model #: 5200-B
Price: $79.99
Rewards Points: 80
Color: Acier/Water Blue
Power Rating: 3 amps
Cleaning Surface Type: Sealed Hard Floor Surfaces
Floor Brush: Gentle CleanTM Brush
Tank Capacity: 28 oz
Cord Length: 22'
Cleaning Path: 10"
Additional Tools: Gentle Clean Pad
Gentle Clean Brush
Additional Items Included: Hard Floor Solutions Formula (8 oz)
Wood Floor Solutions Formula (8 oz)

What is a Hard Floor Cleaner, such as the Flip-It®?
The Flip-It hard floor cleaner combines what is typically a two step process of cleaning hard floors like vinyl, sealed hardwood and tile, into one convenient machine. The dry vacuum side of the machine collects all dry debris on hard floors. The wet vacuum side sprays water and formula down, the Gentle Clean™ Brush or Pad cleans the floor and the squeegee and suction leave the floor virtually dry and ready to walk on.

What are the features I should consider when purchasing a Hard Floor Cleaner?
The Flip-It hard floor cleaner involves no complicated levers or buttons to change between dry and wet cleaning. It is also the lightest weight dual function hard floor cleaner in the market and can be stored ready-to-use. The low profile head allows you to get under kitchen cabinet overhangs, under and around furniture. Its compact design makes it easy to clean in corners and hard to reach areas. The Gentle Clean™ Brush can be easily removed and the Gentle Clean™ Pad used on delicate surfaces such as sealed hardwood, laminate or vinyl. The nozzle on the wet vacuum side can be removed for clean-up after use.

What is unique about the BISSELL Flip-It versus the other Hard Floor Cleaners in the market?
The Flip-It has a unique, one of a kind design that changes from dry cleaning to wet cleaning. The simple motion of flipping the unit around from one side to the other, converts the machine from dry to wet cleaning.

Begin by using the dry side to vacuum debris. When the unit is flipped around, and the handle is tilted back, the Gentle Clean™ Brush is automatically lowered for wet cleaning. When the Formula Trigger is squeezed, water and formula are dispensed on the floor. Unlike other hard floor cleaners, the Flip-It can be customized for different flooring types with its interchangeable Gentle Clean™ Brushes and cleaning pads.

Where can I use the Flip-It?
The Flip-It can safely be used on virtually all Hard Floor surfaces in your home such as vinyl, ceramic, laminates, slate and sealed hardwood. It is not intended for use on carpeting. The unique design of the removable Gentle Clean™ Brush and Pad give you the ability to change from the Gentle Clean™ Brush for use on surfaces such as tile, slate or hard floors with grout or crevices where dirt and grime collect. The Gentle Clean™ Pad is intended to be used on more delicate surfaces such as sealed hardwood, laminates or vinyl.

Does the Flip-It require assembly before using?
A simple one step assembly is all that is required. Place the handle on the unit and insert one screw to secure it in place. After filling the Clean Tank with water and solution you are ready to clean!

What cleaning formulas should be used in the Flip-It?
BISSELL designs machines and formulates our chemicals to be used together to get optimum cleaning results. Included is a trial size of oth BISSELL's Hard Floor Solutions, one for sealed wood and one for hard floor surfaces such as linoleum, vinyl, laminates and ceramic tile.