Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vacuum Cleaner

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Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vacuum Cleaner

great vacuum for homes with pets

* canister detaches to easily clean stairs and hard to reach areas
* thoroughly cleans pet hair
* Pet TurboBrush® works like a magnet on pet hair

What makes the BISSELL Lift-Off® Revolution® a great vacuum for homes with pets?
The BISSELL Lift-Off Revolution is 2wice the cleaner for pet hair. It's a powerful upright and canister all in one. The powerful suction and the rotating brush on the wide foot work together to do a great job of removing pet hair from your carpeted areas. The brush can be turned off to safely clean your bare floors as well. Next just grab the canister and “go” to vacuum your stairs and other difficult to reach areas where pets like to sleep. The Pet Hair TurboBrush combines a rotating brush with special rubber fingers that work as magnets to attract and pick up more pet hair. The telescoping wand and stretch hose extend your cleaning reach even further. The detachable canister can even be easily carried out to your garage to clean your car and remove pet hair from your auto upholstery.

How powerful is the BISSELL Lift-Off® Revolution®?
The BISSELL Lift-Off Revolution has 12 powerful amps, the most you can buy. When you detach the canister, you take the full suction power of the vacuum with you.

What are the advantages of the Bagless Revolution® System?
Convenience is the greatest advantage. There are no more bags to search for, buy or change – ever! Plus, the Revolution System captures more fine dust in the dirt container to keep your filters clean longer. This extends the suction power and cleaning performance of your vacuum! Finally, the clear dirt container allows you to see how much you have vacuumed up – and accomplished and makes it easy to remove an object that was swept up by accident.

Does a bagless vacuum pick up more dirt?
Traditional paper bagged vacuums lose their cleaning effectiveness as the bag fills with debris – and it can be difficult to tell when the bag needs changing. Bagless vacuums have clear containers to capture the dirt. There are no bags to fill up and clog, and you can see when it's time to empty the dirt container. The result is more constant airflow and suction power.