Bissell Total Floors Velocity Vacuum Cleaner

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Bissell Total Floors Velocity Vacuum Cleaner

* Total Floor Cleaning:Easy brush off pedal and ScatterShield™ for superior bare floor cleaning
* 2X Cyclonic Action: Two stage cyclonic action for superior suction
* Easy Empty™ Dirt Container: No messy filters in the dirt container!
* Clean Filter indicator: will monitor flow and let you know when it's time to clean your filter

Why should I own a BISSELL Total Floors™ Velocity® vacuum?
BISSELL has been providing quality floorcare products for over 125 years. Our deep cleaning products are well known for their quality and superior performance. These same standards apply to our vacuum products as well. And, BISSELL has a fully staffed consumer services department that is available to answer any of your questions.

What are the advantages of a cyclonic bagless vacuum?
Cyclonic cleaning technology keeps filters clean longer for superior suction power. Through cyclonic cleaning, more dirt stays in the dirt container where it belongs, versus going to the filters. As filters clog, suction is reduced and cleaning performance drops. Therefore, by keeping filters clean longer, overall cleaning performance is improved.

The other advantage of a bagless system is convenience. There are no more bags to search for, buy or change – ever! The clear dirt container allows you to see how much you have vacuumed up – and accomplished. And, with the clear dirt container it's easy to remove an object that was swept up by accident.

Does a bagless vacuum pick up more dirt?
Traditional paper bagged vacuums lose their cleaning effectiveness as the bag fills with debris – and it can be difficult to tell when the bag needs changing. The new bagless vacuums have clear containers to capture the dirt. There are no bags to fill up and clog, and you can see when it's time to empty the dirt container. The result is more constant airflow and suction power.

What surfaces can I clean with my BISSELL Total Floors™ Velocity® bagless vacuum?
The BISSELL Total Floors Velocity bagless has 7 height adjustments and a brush off pedal to clean surfaces from bare floor to high pile carpet. For bare floor surfaces, a ScatterShield™ is on the foot so debris collects in the dirt container instead of scattering on your floor. The ready to use on-board tools can be used to vacuum upholstery, drapes, furniture, blinds, shelves, baseboards and much more.

How is the Total Floors™ Velocity® ergonomically designed?
The BISSELL Total Floors Velocity is ergonomically designed based on consumer research. The Brush ON/OFF Pedal and the height adjustments are foot activated for an easy change with the tap of your foot. It also has an ergonomically shaped handle and its lightweight and unique shape make it easy to maneuver for added convenience and less strain.