Bissell Versus Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner

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Bissell Versus Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Brushless V shape technology captures and suctions for the most complete clean.

* V shape directs large debris into center suction path while suctioning fine particles along the arms
* Great for bare floors and low pile area rugs
* 12 amps of power
* Edge to edge cleaning

Model #: 76T8
Price: $79.99
Rewards Points: 80
Dirt Sensor: No
Power Rating: 12 amps
Cleaning Path: 13"
Cleaning Surface Type: Bare Floor
Cord Length: 19.68'
Bag Type: Bagless
Upholstery Hose Length: 6.56'
Hose Style: Wire Reinforced
Color: Black

What benefit does the shape of the base have on overall cleaning performance?
The shape of the base has been designed for optimal cleaning performance. The V shape forces all of the large debris into the center suction path. Without the V shape large debris is pushed rather than suctioned up thereby requiring the use of a broom and dustpan. The V shape also translates to better pick up of the fine debris. The angle of the arm increases air flow, over a more traditionally designed head, allowing for greater suction at the end points of the base.

What surfaces can I clean with my BISSELL Versus?
The BISSELL Versus works well on a variety of surfaces from bare floor to low pile carpeting. Its unique design makes it ideal for quickly cleaning messes all around the house.

How powerful is the BISSELL Versus?
The BISSELL Versus is a very powerful cleaning machine. Manufactured with a 12 amp motor, this unit has all of the power of a traditional upright vacuum with the added convenience of a smaller body. Expect the BISSELL Versus to pick up messes both large and small.