Oreck DutchTech 1400A/1400B Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Oreck DutchTech 1400A/1400B Canister Vacuum Cleaner

No vacuum cleaner this quiet cleans your floors and carpets as well as the Oreck DutchTech Canister Vacuum Cleaner. This extraordinarily powerful high-filtration canister vacuum cleaner with an advanced HEPA filter traps 99.99% of harmful allergens down to .3 microns - that's 1/1000th the width of a grain of sand. So, if you have a baby, or if you're one of 50 million allergy sufferers, this isn't a vacuum cleaner, it's a miracle.

Finally, a powerful HEPA vacuum cleaner so quiet it won't wake the baby.

It's so quiet, you can talk on the telephone while vacuuming. It's so powerful, its adjustable-speed motor creates suction velocity that is the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane. There's also a New Premium Powerhead on the 1400BD model which drives the extra-long, pile-lifting roller brushes so that they can comb and groom each carpet fiber and loosen deeply embedded dirt. This premium Powerhead with Violet Blue Dirt Search® headlight has a separate motor for maximum cleaning – with improved performance of up to 82%. And if a warranty is any indication of the quality of a vacuum cleaner, the warranty on the deluxe 1400 series' motor is 10 full years.

There's no better way to clean your home and the air you breathe.

Every time you vacuum, you churn up dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite particles, mold spores, and chemical residues which can cause your allergies to flare. The good news is that no vacuum cleaner as quiet as the DutchTech canister vacuum cleaner cleans your floors, carpets, and the air in your home as it exits the vacuum. That's due to our innovative 7 layer ElectriTech® filter system. It's a system comprised of a double-layer Celoc hypo-allergenic disposable dust bag, a double-layer pre-motor filter, and a multi-layer electrostatically-treated exhaust filter. The Oreck DutchTech Vacuum Cleaner: there's no better way to clean.

DutchTech Canister Vacuum Features

* Ultra-quiet motor with adjustable-speed conrol gives you all the suction power you'll ever need AND the ability to reduce it for doing drapes, throw-rugs, etc.
* 10 Year Motor Warranty ensures it's built to last.
* Advanced HEPA Filter ensures the dirt stays inside the vacuum cleaner, and that the air coming out is cleaner than the air you breathe.
* The New Premium Powerhead on the 1400BD model has a separate motor for superior carpet cleaning.
* The New Premium Powerhead features a longer belt life, a circuit breaker that automatically stops the unit when there's a clog, a headlight and a swivel neck for ease of use.
* Ergonomic Helping Hand® Handle makes vacuuming easier - Eliminating forearm strain.
* Utilizes Silence Technology, which makes the vacuum cleaner so quiet it won't wake a baby!

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