Oreck ORB700MB Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine

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Oreck ORB700MB Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine

Keep your beautiful floors beautiful.
For more than four decades David Oreck's mission has been the creation of a superior vacuum. And now, with that same passion, he has created the Oreck Orbiter® Ultra - the remarkably easy to use floor machine that lets you say goodbye to big bills from professional floor cleaning companies. Now, with a 50% more powerful motor, the Oreck Orbiter® Ultra helps you keep your beautiful floors looking beautiful. Featuring a longer 10-year warranty plus 10 FREE annual tune-ups (a $300 value), the Orbiter polishes, refinishes, scrubs, waxes and cleans almost any floor surface including laminate, vinyl, tile, hardwood and carpet.

Make your floors look like new.
Make your ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo and hardwood floors look new with the Oreck Orbiter® Ultra, the best professional floor cleaning machine for the home. Use it to sand, refinish, strip, scrub, wax, and polish all floor surfaces. And most importantly, use it to dry-clean carpets with Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning powder.

With easy-to-use fingertip control, you can do it yourself and get amazing results every time. The random orbit motion allows the machine to easily glide over the floor, reaching every corner right out to the baseboard. No brush marks. No swirls. No sanding marks. No gouges.

Whether you need to deep clean grout in a tile floor, bring back the natural luster of hardwood, clean oil and grease from concrete and asphalt, or restore marble floors, the Oreck Orbiter® Ultra is the right machine for the job.

Dry clean your carpets and reduce allergens - all with one machine.
The #1 reason carpet is replaced is not due to wear and tear or remodeling, but due to dirt. When you use the Oreck Orbiter® Ultra with Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner, dirt is lifted from the carpet fiber restoring it to its natural color and luster, and allergens are reduced up to 70% more versus vacuuming alone. Vacuum up the dirt, and you can walk on your dry-cleaned carpets immediately. They'll be clean, soft, fresh-smelling and beautiful, and you'll prolong the life of your carpets.

Versatile and effective for almost any floor surface.
The Oreck Orbiter® Ultra features an induction motor with 50% more power that comes with a 10 year warranty. It has a sleek black design with chrome accents and an easy to use switch in the handle for fingertip control. It's lightweight at just 24 lbs., and with a full 13" cleaning path, the versatile Oreck Orbiter® Ultra will tackle virtually any job, on any floor surface!

Virtually maintenance free - plus 10 FREE tune-ups to keep it in tip-top shape.
All Oreck Orbiter® Ultras are virtually maintenance free, with no gears, belts or motor brushes to wear out. Durable zinc and steel are used. And the induction motor is precision-engineered to last a lifetime. These machines are built in America. Plus, 10 FREE tune-ups are included, and any servicing that's needed is carried out at an authorized service center.

What you need to start cleaning.
Oreck makes a variety of Oreck Orbiter® Ultra floor care machine pads and cleaning supplies designed for different types of surfaces. Whether you have stone, ceramic tile, carpet, vinyl, brick, concrete, laminate or hardwood floors, the simple combination of the Oreck Orbiter® with the right Oreck pad and Oreck cleaning product will meet your needs. For example, clean granite and marble floors with the Oreck Orbiter® Ultra, the white polish pad and Oreck Stone Clear Bottom® Stone Floor Cleaner. Made-to-fit pads, brushes and bonnets easily attach to the Orbiter to power out dirt in carpets and on hard floors, plus strip or shine as needed. A variety of cleaning products remove scuff marks, clean grout and restore luster.

Oreck Orbiter Features

* More powerful motor
* Longer 10-year warranty.
* 10 FREE annual tune-ups (a $300 value).
* Sands, refinishes, strips, scrubs, waxes, polishes, and cleans all floor surfaces including laminates, vinyl, and tile. Dry-cleans carpets.
* Random orbit motion makes the machine easy to use and allows for "fingertip control".
* No brush marks, no swirls, no sanding marks and no gouges.

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