SHARP EC-TU5304 Vacuum Cleaner

SHARP Updated: 2007-11-23
SHARP EC-TU5304 Vacuum Cleaner

The EC-TU5304 has a 15” metal agitator and Dirt Detective™ technology for exceptional performance. This vacuum is Library Quiet™, up to 15% quieter than standard vacuums, and has a 9.5-foot extension hose for hard to reach places. This vacuum also has electronic touch controls that offer ease of use. Convenient on-board tools detach easily for room to ceiling cleaning.


Dirt Detective™ Sensor
detects hidden dirt and reduces the motor speed when the area is clean.

Library Quiet
Sharp Twin Energy™ vacuum cleaners are up to 15% quieter than standard vacuum cleaners.

Protective Motor Bypass System
prevents motor fan damage caused by picking up coins, paper clips, and other small items. Powerful suction pulls dirt through an outer hose which bypasses the motor.

Super Charged Technology: Yes
Agitator Width: 15" (Metal)
Filter System: 8-Stage Filtration with True HEPA Filter
Bag Check Indicator: Yes
Rug/Floor Selector: Yes
Variable Power Control: Yes (Digital)
Dirt Detective™ Sensor: Yes
Electronic Controls with Extra Energy: Yes