iRobot 1100 Dirt Dog Shop Sweeping Robot

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iRobot 1100 Dirt Dog Shop Sweeping Robot

Dirt Dog is the smart, sweeping robot that navigates throughout workshops, garages, patios and decks picking up woodchips, nuts, bolts, dirt and other heavy duty debris so you don't have to. High-speed, counter-rotating brushes grab debris from industrial floor surfaces and capture it in an oversized, bagless bin. When the bin is full, simply snap it out, dump the debris in the trash and snap it back into the robot -- then recharge Dirt Dog for the cleaning next job.

* Sweeps patios, decks, workshops, garages, basements and other industrial floor surfaces.
* High-speed, counter-rotating brushes and High Capacity Sweeper Bin clean up heavy duty messes.
* Easily picks up dirt, leaves, woodchips, nuts, bolts and more.
* Cleans beneath workbenches, cars, deck furniture and other hard-to-reach places.


iRobot AWARE ™ Intelligence System
21.9" W x 4.17" H
Package Weight: 11.55 lbs.


* iRobot Dirt Dog Workshop Robot
* Standard Battery-non APS
* Standard Charger
* Cleaning Tool
* 1-year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
* Owner's Guide
* Cleaning Tool

Country of Origin:China

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