iRobot Verro 100 Above Ground Pool Cleaning Robot

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iRobot Verro 100 Above Ground Pool Cleaning Robot

Standard Features

* No installation required - no hoses, dedicated lines or booster pumps
* Powerful vacuum and self-contained filtration system pick up and trap leaves, hair, sand, dust, algae, bacteria and tiny debris down to 2 microns - that's 20 times smaller than the human eye can see
* Cleans independently, so your pool's pump and filter system work less, require less maintenance and last longer
* Increases distribution of chemicals and water temperature

Additional Features

* Cleans flat-bottom, above-ground pools in 60-90 minutes
* Circulates and cleans 70+ gallons of water per minute
* 40-foot cable with Swivel Cord Detangler
* 1-year warranty


Verro 100 Dimensions: 20"L x 18.4"W x 11.7"H

What's In The Box

* iRobot Verro 100 Pool Cleaning Robot
* 40' Floating Power Cord with Swivel Detangler
* Transformer
* Fine Filter Bag (catches large and small debris down to 2 microns) (Item 202)

Country of Origin:United States

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