LG DLG5988 Gas Dryer

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LG DLG5988 Gas Dryer

XL Gas Dryer with 9 Drying Programs

LoDecibel™ Quiet System
LG dryers feature advanced technology that makes them some of the quietest on the market today.

Sensor Dry System
Measures moisture in the drum during the cycle, then automatically adjusts the drying time and temperature for optimal fabric care.

Preset cycle selections provide worry-free settings for optimal fabric care. You can also save your favorite cycle preferences using the Custom Program feature.

Wrinkle Care Cycle
Dry clothes are periodically tumbled without heat to reduce wrinkles.

Drying Rack
Allows you to dry sweaters, sneakers, stuffed animals and pillows carefully without tumbling them.

* XL Load Capacity with NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum (7.3 cu.ft. IEC)
* LoDecibel Quiet System (58dB sound power)
* Fast Drying Time

Intelligent Fabric Care
* Sensor Dry System for intelligent fabric care and energy efficiency
* 9 Drying Programs
* 5 Temperature Levels
* Precise Temperature Control with a variable heat source
* Drying Rack
* Wrinkle Care Option
* Delicate and Ultradelicate Cycle
* Damp Dry Beeper
* Custom Program

Style and Design
* Upfront Electronic Control with Dial-A-Cycle
* Large Brushed Metal Rimmed Door with Clear Glass
* Stackable with Matching Washing Machine Model WM2277
* Porcelain Top
* Optional Drawer Pedestals