LG WM0642HW Rear Control Washing Machine

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LG WM0642HW Rear Control Washing Machine

Rear Control Washing Machine with 7 Washing Programs

Electronic Control Panel with Dial-A-Cycle™
Intuitive controls allow you to "set it and go". You can also save your favorite wash cycle by pressing Custom Program.

XL Load Capacity with NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum
One of the largest capacity front-load washers for the consumer market which means fewer loads, easy handling of large comforters and better water and energy efficiency.

Direct Drive Motor
Power is delivered right to the drum from the motor without belts, resulting in a highly durable, powerful and quiet washing machine.

SenseClean™ System
The water level and wash time are set automatically based on the weight and size of each load for optimal washing care.