LG WM3988HWA Full Size SteamWasher

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LG WM3988HWA Full Size SteamWasher

Full Size SteamWasher™ and dryer with Allergiene™

LG's innovative SteamFresh™ cycle makes it possible for you to refresh and reduce wrinkles in up to 5 garments at one time. Running late for work with no time to iron? Load a cotton blend shirt into the SteamWasher™ and select the SteamFresh™ cycle. You'll be ready to go in just 20 minutes.

Allergiene™ cycle is proven to reduce certain allergens such as house dust mites and domestic animal dander.

Electronic Control Panel with Dial-A-Cycle™
Intuitive controls allow you to "set it and go". You can also save your favorite wash cycle by pressing Custom Program.

Direct Drive
Power is delivered right to the drum from the motor without belts, resulting in a highly durable, powerful and quiet washing machine.

SenseClean™ System
The water level and wash time are set automatically based on the weight and size of each load for optimal washing care.

RollerJets™ & Forced Water Circulation
Clothes glide over the RollerJets™ while sprinklers encourage the removal of soil, reducing pilling, fraying, and snags for longer lasting clothing.

Sanitary Cycle
Get tough stains and bacteria out of dirty clothes with this special cycle that boosts water to 158°F.

LoDecibel™ Quiet System
Anti-vibration motor and one-piece cabinet structure reduce unnecessary noises.