Samsung DV219AGW Gas Dryer

12 Jun, 2009 by SAMSUNG RSS
Samsung DV219AGW Gas Dryer

Looking to cut down on your laundry time? The SAMSUNG DV219AGW helps make sure your clothes come out of the dryer just the way you need them to. No damp clothes, no over drying. Advanced Sensor Dry technology improves efficiency and speed. Plus, the large 7.3 cu. ft. capacity maximizes how much you can dry at one time while still delivering superior results. SAMSUNG dryers make doing laundry a breeze.

Sensor Drying technology
SAMSUNG dryers let you achieve the perfect state of dry clothes with our Sensor Drying technology. It detects the moisture level in the laundry load and intelligently adjusts the drying time accordingly. No wasted drying time means you save money on your bill.

3 drying levels
Tired of taking your clothes out of the dryer only to find out they are too damp or too steaming hot? SAMSUNG dryers have three drying levels let you customize the process to fit your needs: more dry, normal dry and less dry levels.

stainless steel drum
The inside of your dryer should be just as beautiful as the outside. The stainless steel drum guarantees that by preventing any rust or discoloration.

7 preset drying levels
No matter what your drying requirements are, SAMSUNG lets you customize the cycle to your needs with seven cycles to choose from: wrinkle release, normal, heavy duty, permanent press, delicates, time dry and air fluff.

Other Features
Power Source: 120 V / 60 Hz (gas)
Drum Material: STS
Drum Capacity: 7.3 cu. ft.

Dryness Levels
More Dry: Yes
Normal Dry: Yes
Less Dry: Yes

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