Samsung DV438AER Dryer

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Samsung DV438AER Dryer

With the SAMSUNG DV438 dryer, you'll spend less time doing laundry and more time relaxing. An extra-large capacity lets you dry more clothes and steam technology dries them efficiently. Steam WrinkleCare removes wrinkles while Steam Refresh freshens your clothes. Energy efficient and stylish - SAMSUNG dryers use the power of steam to reduce ironing, eliminate wrinkles, and remove odors.

key specifications

* Power Source : Electric
* Drum Material : Stainless Steel
* Drum Capacity : 7.4 cu. ft.
* Remaining Time Display : Yes

wrinkle prevention
Spend less time ironing. Our wrinkle prevention feature allows the dryer to tumble clothes at the end of the cycle, without heat. This helps wrinkles from setting in and lets you spend time on more important household tasks.

5 drying levels
Tired of taking your clothes out of the dryer only to find out they are too damp or too steaming hot? SAMSUNG dryers have five drying levels let you customize the process to fit your needs: very dry, more dry, normal dry, less dry, and damp dry.

steam drying technology
SAMSUNG dryers use the power of steam to dry your clothes more efficiently. Steam Refresh infuses clothes with steam to freshen clothes and remove odors. Steam WrinkleCare relaxes wrinkles so you have less to iron.

sensor drying technology
SAMSUNG dryers let you achieve the perfect state of dry clothes with our sensor drying technology. It detects the moisture level in the laundry load and intelligently adjusts the drying time accordingly. No wasted drying time means you save money on your bill.

stainless steel drum
The inside of your dryer should be just as beautiful as the outside. The stainless steel drum guarantees that by preventing any rust or discoloration.