Samsung WF438AAR Front Load Washer

12 Jun, 2009 by SAMSUNG RSS
Samsung WF438AAR Front Load Washer

SAMSUNG has reinvented the way you do your laundry. Now you can wash your clothes faster and more efficiently. The WF438AAR has a super-large capacity to clean pesky stains. Vibration reduction technology reduces noise to give you the peace and quiet you deserve. Plus, you no longer have to hide your washer in the basement. This SAMSUNG stylish washer is ready to be used almost anywhere in your home.

Vibration Reduction Technology
A washing machine shouldn’t dance around the room. That’s why you’ll love the whisper-quiet operation of your SAMSUNG washer. SAMSUNG's Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT™) produces a smooth and quiet operation at spin speeds up to 1300 revolutions per minute. This significantly reduces vibration and noise, even during unbalanced loads.

diamond drum
Water exit holes are much smaller compared to conventional drum design, and located at the bottom of a diamond-shaped surface, significantly reducing the strands of delicate clothes snagging into the hole.

SilverCare™ clean
The secret behind SAMSUNG’s unique SilverCare technology is silver - quadrillions of sanitizing silver ions are released into every wash. Silver ions sanitize clothes in cold water without bleach, removing 99 percent of odor - causing bacteria for up to 30 days. Perfect for delicates, colors and special care items, cold water washing also saves you money. And since buildup of bio film inside the stainless steel drum is a thing of the past, you can count on it remaining clean.

Washer Capacity: 4.5 cu.ft.

Other Features
SilverCare™: 1300
Internal Water Heater: Yes
Child Lock: Yes

Wash Cycles
Heavy Duty: Yes
Normal: Yes
Whites: Yes
Perm Press: Yes
Sanitize: Yes (NSF certified)
Towels: Yes
Bedding: Yes
Delicates: Yes
Wool: Yes
Quick wash: Yes
Rinse+Spin: Yes
Spin Only: Yes

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