Abit Guru Clock GC-03

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Abit Guru Clock GC-03

Part of the µGuru™ family, abit's Guru Clock allows you to access and select system performance your system while playing games, listening music, browsing Internet or office applications in full screen without need to stop or close the application you are running.

In addition, Guru Clock displays overclocking levels, hardware monitoring status, room temperature, debug code and warning notice, allows you to power on/off your PC, and even notifies you of new Skype/MSN/e-mail messages - all from its convenient LCD display.


* Large LCD screen (4*7cm)
* Guru link cable (1.5M)
* PC power on/ off
* Hard button: Power*1/ Menu*1/ Select*1/ Skype & MSN Messenger*3
* USB Extension Port (1 port for USB model upgradeable)
* LCD Backlight (optional)
* Room temperature (10~50)
* MIC and Headphone support (2 Stereo Jack)
* Information logo indicator:
o Current time
o USB working
o Hardware Monitor warning
o MSN/ E-mail
o Skype
* µGuru functions indicator:
o FAN speed
o Temperature
o Voltage
o OC
* VGA card OC indicator (Optional):
o VGA OC mode
o GPU Temp
o GPU core speed
o VRAM Voltage and core speed

Hard button

* Power button: Power on/ off
* Menu: Select 1st level for Time/ Room temp/ FAN speed/ OC/ TEMP/ Voltage
* Select: OK and Enter function
* Messenger: Phone up/ off
* Skype/ MSN Private Call: Depend on utility
* Skype: Conference Call: Depend on utility

I/O and others

* Guru link connector x1 (Back side)
* USB Extension Port x 1
* MIC & Headset x 1 each (2 Stereo Jack)
* Buzzer on front side

LCD Layout

Total 244 segments

* LCD Dimension: 68mm* 41mm
* View area: 65mm* 38mm
* Display Type: HTN
* View direction: 12 o'clock
* Front Polarizer: Transmission/ Positive
* Rear Polarizer: Reflective/ Positive
* Operating Voltage: 5V
* Connector: PIN