Casio PAW5000-1 Pathfinder Watches

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Casio PAW5000-1 Pathfinder Watches

From Pathfinder, authentic outdoor gear for the serious adventurer, comes a new Triple-sensor analog digital timepiece with direction, altitude, barometric pressure and temperature sensors.

Depending on the sensor mode entered, the second hand indicates direction, altitude differential, or barometric pressure tendency in easy-to-read analog format.  The digital display shows data as values.

This means the model provides the best of both digital and analog formats. The Altitude Mode performs continuous measurements at 5-second intervals for the first three minutes. After that, measurements continue to be performed in accordance with either of two available setups (every five seconds for one hour or every tow minutes for 10 hours).

These new Triple Sensor models represent the ultimate in sophisticated function and ease of operation.

* Solar Powered
* Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping
* Tough Movement
* Needle Indicator for Compass Direction, Altimeter Differential and Barometric Tendency.

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