Sony FCBH11 High Definition Color Block Camera

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Sony FCBH11 High Definition Color Block Camera

The world of HD expanded into the industrial imaging arena with the debut of Sony's first HD block camera, the FCB-H10. Now, continuing its commitment to HD picture quality for applications that require dynamic, high-resolution images that are also flexible, Sony is introducing the FCB-H11. This stunning new model extends application possibilities by incorporating a new Day/Night function that enables the camera to capture high-quality color images during the day and clear, black-and-white images at night. In addition, the FCB-H11 camera achieves a minimum illumination of 1.0 lx by dynamically removing the infrared cut filter and allowing the spectral responsivity range to extend into the near infrared. The FCB-H11 incorporates a 1/3-type HD CMOS image sensor boasting approximately two million effective pixels, and provides a 16 x 9 aspect ratio, making it ideal for use with wide-screen displays. This camera also features multi-format video outputs, satisfying user needs for high-defi nition (HD) and standard-defi nition (SD) applications. When extremely clear, super picture quality HD images are required, the FCB-H11 camera offers 1080i and 720p signals. This versatile and fl exible camera can also be used with an SD system to allow easy migration from SD to HD when you are ready. The FCB-H11 inherits a multitude of functions from the world-renowned FCB Series. With a 120x zooming capability, Picture Freeze function, SPOT AE function, and Slow Shutter, the FCB-H11 is ideal for applications such as inspection, video conferencing, cable TV broadcasting, and point-of-view (POV) applications. Furthermore, with the incorporation of the Day/Night function, which is essential for monitoring, this camera is a great choice for a wide range of security applications in, for example, parking lots, retail stores, and many other locations.


* 1/3 type CMOS imager
* Approx. 2M effective pixels
* 16x9 Aspect Ratio
* Auto ICR for Day/Night function
* Minimum Illumination 1.0lx (ICR On Mode-F1.8 50 IRE)
* High-speed serial communication (max. 38.4 kbps)
* TTL signal-level control (VISCA™ protocol)
* 120x optical zoom (10x zoom/12x digital)
* Programmable factory preset
* High Performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
* Various customizable settings
* Electronic Shutter/Slow Shutter
* VBS and Y/C video output (SD modes only)
* Picture Freeze Function
* Spot AE
* Internal/External sync
* Small and Compact

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