Trendnet TV-IP301 Advanced Internet Camera Server

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Trendnet TV-IP301 Advanced Internet Camera Server

The Advanced Day/Night Internet Camera Server with Audio is perfect for transmitting real-time video over the Internet. This camera provides high quality streaming video with frame rates up to 30fps. Users can view up to 16 cameras on one screen at any time.


* Supports CCD image sensor and DC-Iris control
* Supports audio monitoring and RS-485 port for pan & tilt Control
* Includes I/O ports to trigger alarm and e-mail notification
* Built-in Microphone for Audio Monitoring
* High quality Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 Video Recording for up to 30 frames per second.
* Equipped with IR Lens (10 meters) for night vision
* Supports viewing and recording up to 16cameras at the same time
* Progressive scan, all lines are captured at the same time
* Supports 4x digital zoom
* Supports video overlay in both graphics and texts.
* Supports three adjustable motion detection windows with just in time snapshot
* Supports TCP/IP networking, SMTP e-mail, HTTP and other Internet related protocols
* Supports Web configuration with password protection
* Supports UPnP and DDNS
* Multiple cameras monitoring, image capturing, and video recording (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP)
* Broad range of applications for monitoring homes, offices, banks, hospitals, parking lot and a variety of private and public monitoring
* 3-year limited warranty