ZyXEL V750W SIP PTZ Camera

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ZyXEL V750W SIP PTZ Camera

Home Security on SIP Networks

* Home network camera enables you to monitor your home remotely in real time for complete security
* Accessible by dialing a phone number
* 2-way audio communications
* Features external sensor/alarm, motion detection and Passive-Infrared Sensor
* Includes management software for your PC
* Contains remotely-controlled light for vision in the dark

Remotely monitor your home by dialing a phone number
ZyXEL's SIP Cam V750W is a stand-alone SIP-based IP camera that takes advantage of easy-to-use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology. Just "dial" your camera's phone number from your computer or mobile handset and activate video and 2-way audio services. Each SIP Cam is embedded with a unique phone -number. In addition to security monitoring, your SIP Cam lets you communicate with your family clearly and easily.

Flexible remote control
Remote users can dial into ZyXEL's V750W SIP Camera and control the viewing angle with numeric keys on their handsets or soft phones remotely. The motorized pan, tilt and digital zoom actions give users the freedom to see and check anything they'd like, while enjoying the fun and convenience of flexible remote surveillance. In dark environments, remote users can easily illuminate the embedded LED lamps through pre-defined numeric keys.

Versatile home security enhancements
The ZyXEL V750 SIP Cam can connect to multiple external security devices including vibration sensors, smog sensors, buzzer or hazard lights in order to create an intelligent home security system easily and flexibly. The smart ZyXEL V750W SIP Cam can be controlled via scheduling policies to enable security mechanisms periodically to ensure home security.

Bandwidth-Saving Applications
Thanks to the cutting-edge MPEG4 video codec, ZyXEL V750W can deliver lag-free video even with limited Internet connection speecaptured images with a low bit rate codec to maintain appropriate video quality for a comfortable user experience.

SIP Cam Management Software on PC
In addition to the SIP Cam itself, ZyXEL also provides management software for PC. With the software, users can record images vby leveraging PC hard disks and computing power to ensure better security management.