Hitachi StarBoard BT-2G Wireless Tablet

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi StarBoard BT-2G Wireless Tablet

Interactivity with Freedom & Mobility

The StarBoard BT2G System is a complete interactive solution for the K-12 classroom. The lightweight and portable tool allows teachers to move freely about the room with full control of their interactive lessons and computer applications from a range of 65 ft. The 1lb tablet can be easily passed around to students for illustrating questions and increasing participation in lessons. The StarBoard BT2G is an affordable standalone solution, or peripheral that can easily integrate with any other StarBoard interactive device.

“I love the fact that I can stand in the back of the back of the classroom, cover a lesson, and watch all my students.” – Steve Vermilye, California High School Math Teacher

* Stretch minds, not budgets with a reliable and affordable solution.
* Multiple Connections up to 7 Tablets per PC
* 12 customizable software shortcuts for versatility
* 2 customizable pen buttons (right click & erase)
* Use as standalone system or as an accessory for existing StarBoard

Open Educator Resources

Hitachi Software supports 21st century learning and open educator resources through our free state aligned resource center featuring a vast amount of interactive lessons, activities, and educational software from our approved partners and educators across the globe.


BT-2G — Wireless Tablet
Tablet dimensions 9" x 10" x .5"
Working area 6" x 4.5"
Working environment Windows XP (Vista to be Announced)
Resolution 1000 lines per inch
Sampling Rate (Wireless / Wired) 162 points/sec / 183 point/sec
Macro key None
Input Method Electromagnetic
Battery Life 24 hours
Weight 493 grams (1.08 lbs)
Data interface USB, Bluetooth
Battery (2) AA rechargeable batteries with charger

BT2G — Pen (included)
Pen L7 - same as T-15XLG & T-17SXLG Panels
Pen Battery (1) AAA battery
Proximity 8mm
Bluetooth Adaptor (included)
Model No. BTU02E (class II)
Interface to computer USB 2.0

BT2G — Product Performance
Multiple connections 7 tablets
Link distance up to 65 feet
Warranty 1 year