Hitachi StarBoard K-12 FX-Series Interactive Whiteboard

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi StarBoard K-12 FX-Series Interactive Whiteboard

21st Century Skills through 21st Century Tools

The StarBoard FX-Series of interactive whiteboards offer K-12 classrooms an exciting way to experience lessons and information. The 63", 77" and 82” whiteboards fit perfectly into traditional classroom sizes, and allow educators to enhance learning experiences through interactive and engaging tools provided by the StarBoard software.

Proven Results

Several teachers report back the increased student involvement, curiosity, and enthusiasm from using the FX Series StarBoard in their classrooms.

“The results of a pilot program lead to the inclusion of the interactive whiteboards as part of our district's overall strategy for incorporating 21st century digital tools in all classrooms.” Ann McMullan, Executive Director of Educational Technology - Klein School District.

Designed with Teachers and Students in Mind

The StarBoard is intuitively designed to have teachers and students presenting in minutes. Simply connect it to a computer and LCD projector, and control the board from the easy-to-use StarBoard software. The StarBoard only responds to the wireless pen to ensure pinpoint accuracy by eliminating unintended signals from body contact or other objects.

All electronics are conveniently placed in a field-replaceable sensor, leaving no wires, membranes, nor circuits in the surface for increased reliability by minimizing the risk of damage.

The complete interactive StarBoard Software is included with every FX Series whiteboard.

Open Educator Resources

Hitachi Software supports 21st century learning and open educator resources through our free state aligned resource center featuring a vast amount of interactive lessons, activities, and educational software from our approved partners and educators across the globe.


FX-63 FX-77 FX-82Wide
Display type Front Projection Interactive whiteboard
Display size 63" 77" 82"
PC interface USB or Bluetooth wireless
Pen type Wireless battery operated with 2 function buttons
Weight (without stand) 27.5 lbs 38.5 lbs 38.5 lbs
Shipping weight 52 lbs 60 lbs 60 lbs
Shipping dimensions 62" x 45 " x 4 " 74" x 53" x 4 " 84" x 48" x 4"
Power consumption < 6W
Digitizing technology Ultrasound and infrared