LG LW5200ER Window Air Conditioner

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LG LW5200ER Window Air Conditioner

5,200 BTU Window Room Air Conditioner with PLASMA Heat Exchanger and Energy Star
PLASMA heat exchanger coating
Energy Star rating
Temperature Setting by 1 degree
Digital Timer up to 12 hours
Energy Saver Function
2-way Air Deflection
Remote Control
Auto Restart

BTU performance (Cooling): 5200
EER: 10.8
COP Dehumid. (Pts/Hr): 1.4
COP Dry Air Flow (CFM): 140
Electrical Ratings
Voltage/60 Hz: 115
Watts (Cooling): 480
Rated Amps (Cooling): 4.4

Thermostat Control: Thermistor
Air Deflection: 2-WAY
Remote control: Yes
Fan Speed: Cooling: 2
Fan Only: 2
Compressor: ROTARY
In Door Fan Type: Turbo
Type Air Discharge: Over/Under
Chassis Type: Fixed

Carton(Height): 15 3/16"
Carton(Width): 21 1/4"
Carton(Depth): 17 1/4"
Height: 12 9/32"
Width: 18 9/16"
Depth: 14 9/16"
Net Weight (lbs.): 48
Shipping Weight (lbs.): 52
Stuffing Quantity (40 ft.): 688