Pioneer VSX-1016TXV A/V Receiver

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Pioneer VSX-1016TXV A/V Receiver

Home entertainment gets a powerful boost with this Pioneer® 7.1 channel A/V receiver. High-quality audio and video comes with ultra-convenient connectivity. The receiver’s six digital inputs includes two HDMI inputs (and one HDMI output) with 1080p compatibility for the very best in high-definition video. The all-digital HDMI interface eliminates the hassle and mess of wires, with one-cable connections and super-fast transfers of uncompressed — and uncompromised — high-res video content from source to screen. With three HD capable component video inputs, you can connect a progressive scan DVD-player/recorder, an HD gaming console, and an HD cable or satellite set-top box to your receiver and access them with the touch of a button. Add in the ability to receive content in XM-HD Surround powered by Neural Audio*, connect to an iPod® player via an optional IDK-01 dock (sold separately), and decode WMA-9 Pro files, and you can also enjoy multi-channel digital satellite radio, iPod player content and PC audio files played through your home theater system. In glorious surround sound. Pioneer's patent pending Sound Retriever technology even enhances compressed audio formats to give them more dynamic range and acoustic impact.

Sonic boom

Don't just experience your home entertainment. Immerse yourself in it, with 110 watts across up to seven speakers, THX Select2™-certified surround sound, and eight advanced concert and cinema surround modes including Dolby® Digital EX, DTS® ES, and DTS 96/24. All optimized by Pioneer's Digital Core Engine powered by dual 48-bit Freescale® DSP processing LSIs. Go ahead, and turn it up. Pioneer's ultra-efficient Advanced Direct Energy Amplifier design results in extremely low energy loss, so you can play it loud and still enjoy superior sound quality..

Fine-tune your audio performance.

Recreate the studio engineer's original intent, in your home. In any room. Instantly — thanks to the first automatic Multi-Channel AcoustiC Calibration System (MCACC). Using the supplied microphone. MCACC makes your initial set-up easy and accurate by automatically measuring your room's acoustic environment, then fine tuning the sonic performance of your system. The result is truly accurate multi-channel audio reproduction any sound engineer would admire.