Toshiba TEC MA-516 Electronic Cash Register

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-12
Toshiba TEC MA-516 Electronic Cash Register

Greater Productivity and Efficiency in an affordable Cash Register

The TEC MA-516R is an advanced, full-featured Cash Register that is also affordable. It provides high levels of cashier convenience, increased speed, improved accuracy, added productivity and extended reliability.

Modern styling and compact low-profile design make the TEC MA-516R ideal for a wide variety of retail applications.

Easy to Use Keyboard, ·Raised Key Type, ·63 Key Standard, ·66 Keys Maximum, ·Soft Key Positioning (SFKC), Cash Drawer (SP Type), ·Large Size, ·All Metal, ·Stainless Steel Front, ·Media Slot, ·Manual Release via Lock, ·Security Cover on Lock, ·5 Bill Compartments, ·5 Coin Compartments, ·Removable Till, ·Compulsory Drawer Closed Option, High Quality Printer, ·Metal Drum, ·Two Station, ·12 Columns Receipt, ·12 Columns Journal, ·3.0 LPS Print Speed, ·Tear Bar, ·Ribbon Cassette, ·Logo Stamp Standard, ·Single Line Validation, ·Clam Shell Design, ·Individual Paper Release Levers, Sharp, Clear Displays, Operator Display, ·10 Digits, ·7 Segment Numeric, ·2 Colors (Green and Orange), ·Large Characters, ·6 Tri-Mark Descriptors, ·3 Colors, Customer Display, ·7 Digits, ·7 Segment Numeric, ·Large Characters, ·3 Tri-Marks, ·3 Colors, ·Pop Up and Swivel, ·Standard