KitchenAid KBHS179SSS Microwave Oven

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KitchenAid KBHS179SSS Microwave Oven

With convection cooking capabilities, this microwave oven offers more cooking options, better results, and less cook time than conventional microwaves. Features such as the EasyConvect™ Time and Temperature Conversion System and a glass-touch oven display make this oven easy to use and clean.

* Convection cooking provides more even results in less time and provides a second oven option
* EasyConvect™ Time and Temperature Conversion System takes the guesswork out of convection cooking
* Optimawave™ Technology with True 10-Level Power Control helps to eliminate cold spots and overcooked edges
* Custom defrost and reheat cycles remove guesswork from microwave cooking
* Keep warm function allows you to keep finished dishes warm while the rest of the meal is being prepared
* Soften and melt microwave cycles provide a true low power for delicate tasks such as softening ice cream or melting butter
* Sensor steam cook cycle provides precise steaming for a variety of food types

Maximum Power in Watts: 900
Microwave Oven Capacity: 1.4
Cooking Power: 900 Watts

Crisp and Broil Functions
Sensor Cook
10-Level Variable Cooking Power Control
Auto Reheat

Time of Day Clock
In-Use Reprogramming
Minute Timer

Stainless Steel Cavity

Depth: 23 1/4
Height: 20 1/2
Width: 26 3/4