Keyspan USA-49WG USB Serial Adapter

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Keyspan USA-49WG USB Serial Adapter

Our USB 4-Port Serial Adapter allows 4 serial devices to be connected to a single USB port. It provides a simple way to add serial ports to a PC without the hassle of installing a serial card, turning off the PC, or configuring IRQs.

* Certified: Microsoft WHQL approved
* High Speed: Supports 460 Kbps - four times the speed of a built-in serial port
* Detachable Cable: Use adapter with any USB cable (up to 5 meters long)
* LEDs: Show adapter status and data activity
* Plug & Play: Appear as standard COM ports
* Bus Powered: No external power adapter required
* Analytic Tools: Includes Windows line monitor and data trace software
* Field Upgrade: Easy to update over time with free software downloads
* Easy Expansion: Supports use of multiple adapters on one PC


This adapter is ideal for industrial and enterprise markets where there is a need to connect serial device to a PC for process control, data collection, or point of sale applications. It is also ideal for connecting modems, fax modems, or terminals to a server.

System Requirements

* An available USB port
* Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

* An available USB port
* Mac OS X (10.2.8, 10.3.9, 10.4 or greater)

For use with all RS-232 serial devices including modems, GPS devices, cell phones, hand held scanners, networking equipment (console port), graphics tablets, point of sale devices, touch screens, UPS devices, medical and scientific instruments, industrial process control devices, building automation instrumentation and other serial devices.

Package Includes

* Adapter (USA-49WG)
* 6 ft. USB device cable
* CD with driver software and user guide