Tripp Lite B060-032 Rackmount Cat5 Matrix KVM Switch

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Tripp Lite B060-032 Rackmount Cat5 Matrix KVM Switch

Tripp Lite's 32-port NetDirector® 1U Rackmount Matrix KVM Switch is the optimal solution for controlling multiple computers (combination of PS/2, USB, or Sun) by four independent, simultaneous users. A single unit occupies a mere 1U of rack space, yet can control up to 32 computers. A maximum of 2,048 computers can be connected through a combination of daisy-chaining and cascading. RJ45 connections allow signals to travel up to 150 meters away(500ft), using ordinary Cat5 cable, while maintaining video resolution. Use either PS/2 or USB console equipment to connect to PS/2, USB, or SUN Servers.

* Three Level password security: Super Administrator, Administrator, and Users
* Superior video quality - up to 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz at 500ft.
* Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) assures optimum video resolution for distances up to 500ft between the switch and the consoles or computers - no dip switch setting required
* PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation - computers boot even when the console focus is elsewhere. Keep Alive feature ensures that the keyboard and mouse work properly even if the switch temporarily loses power
* Daisy chain up to 7 additional B060-032 KVM Switches
* Cascade up to 32 B060-032 KVM switches from each station on the chain
* Up to 2,048 computers on a daisy chained/cascaded installation
* No software required; convenient computer selection via intuitive hotkey combinations or On Screen Display (OSD) menus
* OSD port list automatically expands when stations are added - port names are automatically reconfigured when the station sequence is changed
* OSD screen automatically adjusts to resolution changes
* Hot pluggable; add or remove components without having to power off the switch
* USB & PS/2 Consoles can control any combination of USB, PS/2, or SUN computers
* LCD, VGA, SVGA, XGA, and MultiSync support; DDC2B
* Rackmount Hardware Included
* Lifetime firmware upgrading via flash ROM

System Requirements

* Console: The Tripp Lite B062-002-PS2 or B062-002-USB Console Interface Module must be used to connect a console (Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse) to the KVM switch
* Computers: The Tripp Lite B054-001-SUN, B054-001-PS2 or B054-001-USB Server Interface Module must be used to connect a computer/server to the KVM switch

Package Includes

* 1 - B060-032 KVM Switch
* 1 - Power Cord
* 1 - Daisy Chain Cable
* 1 - CD with Owner's Manual
* 1 set - Rackmount Hardware