Toshiba Model RC820 Solid State Motor Protection Relay

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-18
Toshiba Model RC820 Solid State Motor Protection Relay

When motor protection needs are not quite as elaborate, this relay combines reliable protection against overloads and single phasing with a simple, easily adjustable design. As a motor overload protection relay, the 2E is adjustable from Class 3 through Class 40 to provide optimum protection and to accommodate reduced voltage starting and high inertia loads. Ground fault and phase reversal modules are available.

Applicable Circuit  Three phase circuits, 50/60 Hz, 600Vac Above 600Vac with CTs
Protective Functions  Overload and single phase protection
Rated Current  Rated ampere-turns  7AT  55AT  110AT
Setting range  75 ~ 150% of rated AT
Overload Operating characteristics  Ultimate trip current  105 ~ 125% of setting current
Operating time setting range  3 ~ 40 sec. for cold starting characteristics at 600% of setting current
Single Phase Operating Characteristics  Minimum Operating current  85% of setting current must be flowing in the conducting phase
Operating time  less than 4 sec.
Control Voltage  Rating  Std 100 ~ 120/200 ~ 240V AC 1f , 50/60 Hz
Tolerance  85% - 11%
Output Contact Specifications  Contact arrangement  1NO/NC (Form C)
Contact capacity NEMA B300  120VAC - 5.0A (Resistive load)
120VAC - Make 30A / Break 3A
240VAC - Make 15A / Break 1.5A
125VDC - 0.2A (L/R = 7 ms)
250VDC - 0.1A (L/R = 7 ms)
Power Consumption  Control power circuit  2VA
Detecting circuit  0.3VA / phase at rated current
Application Conditions  Ambient temperature  -10 ~ + 60oC
Relative humidity  45 ~ 85% at 20oC
Additional Specs RC81A*  RC81B  RC81C*
Phase reversal characteristics  Operating current  -  90% of 2E relay setting current  90% of 2E relay setting current
Operating time  -  Less than 0.5 sec.  Less than 0.5 sec.
Ground fault characteristics  Ground fault current setting 4A ~ 12A
ZCT Primary  -  4A ~ 12A
ZCT Primary
Max. ground fault current  60A  - 60A
Ground fault time setting  0.1 TO 1.0 sec.  -  0.1 TO 1.0 sec.
Output signal  Output contacts of basic relay
Trip indication  LED (manual reset)