D-Link DCS-900 Internet Camera

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D-Link DCS-900 Internet Camera

The D-Link Securicam NetworkTM DCS-900 Internet Camera combines the functionality of video surveillance with the reliability and scalability of Fast Ethernet. With its compact, all-in-one design, the DCS-900 Internet Camera is a low-cost remote monitoring solution ideal for home use.

The DCS-900 Internet Camera connects quickly and easily to your existing Fast Ethernet network and a setup wizard will guide you through the set up process to get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

The DCS-900 Internet Camera features a built-in Web server which means that it can stream video images directly to the Internet. Video images captured by the DCS-900 can be viewed remotely by typing the IP address of the DCS-900 into a Web browser. With its easy-to-use Web-based interface, the DCS-900 can be managed and configured from anywhere in the world.

By signing up with one of the many free Dynamic DNS services available on the web, you can assign an easy-to-remember name and domain. This allows you to remotely access your camera without having to remember the IP address, even if it has been changed by your Internet Service Provider.

The included Windows-based software provides even more features, allowing you to archive streaming video straight to your hard drive, monitor up to 4 cameras on a single screen, enable motion detection, and update the firmware on your DCS-900 Internet Camera.

Product Features:
• Web Based Remote Access Using Any Java Enabled Web Browser
• 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Connection
• Manual, Motion Triggered, or Scheduled Recording Options