Toshiba 61A62 Diagonal Projection Television

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-09
Toshiba 61A62 Diagonal Projection Television

PowerFocus™ HD CRTs: Advancements in CRT design have given Power-Focus™ HD CRTs an additional 15% improvement in focus over standard HD CRTs.

TruView™ Picture Enhancement Circuitry: This system automatically ensures true colors and more accurate picture detail, for a more natural and realistic video image.

Sub Bass System (SBS): Richer, deeper home theater sound.

Surround Sound: Makes the viewer feel more like they are part of the on-screen action.

One Button Sleep Timer: Operation of the sleep timer is now quicker and easier.

Direct Video Input Selection: Inputs can now be directly selected from the remote's numbered keypad without scrolling through all the inputs.

Individual A/V Settings for Inputs: Ensures optimum display of each type of source.

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