Roland VGA-7 V-Guitar Amplifier

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Roland VGA-7 V-Guitar Amplifier

The VGA-7 presents guitarists with the most powerful and complete guitar modeling technology in history. This easy-to-use amp serves up a range of COSM®-based modern and vintage amp sounds, onboard effects and speaker cabinet simulations, plus models of different electric and acoustic guitar types, pickup types, and tunings using any steel-string electric or acoustic guitar and an optional GK-2AH Divided Pickup.

* Digital modeling guitar amplifier with analog-style controls for superb ease-of-use
* 20 distinct COSM amp models including vintage and modern tube amps, solid state and acoustic instrument amps, plus speaker cabinet simulations
* Gain, Volume, 3-band EQ and Presence controls customized for each amp model
* COSM Guitar Modeling simulates 26 guitar types—electric, acoustic, hollow-body, and "guitar-meets-synth"—using any steel-string electric or acoustic guitar*
* Pickup type and position simulations with pickup blending capabilities
* Instant open tunings, Nashville, and user-defined tunings, 12-string guitars
* 4 independent effects processors with 15 distinct Roland/BOSS effects algorithms
* 80 preset memories plus 80 user memories with extensive foot control options
* GK-Ready 13-pin input plus standard 1/4" guitar input for direct access to amp/speaker cabinet modeling sections
* 65W + 65W/ 2x12" stereo configuration


Rated Power Output
- 130W (65W + 65W)
- 12" (30 cm) x 2 + horn tweeter x 2
- GK In, Input (High, Low), Headphones, Output (L/Mono, R), EXT In (L/Mono, R), EXP Pedal, EFX, Delay (Tip:ON/OFF, RING:TAP TEMPO), Chorus, Reverb, MIDI (In, Out/Thru)
Power Consumption
- 160W (117/230/240 V)
- GK Connecting Cable C-13A (5 m), Casters (x 4)