Roland VS-880 Digital Studio Workstation

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Roland VS-880 Digital Studio Workstation

The VS-880 Digital Studio Workstation is the first affordable integrated digital recorder, digital mixer, digital editor and effects processor in the world. Data storage is accomplished via the internal Iomega Jaz drive with 1GB removable disks or a fixed hard drive. An expansion slot can be fitted with the VS8F-1 Effects Expansion Board, providing two powerful, independent onboard multi-effects units.

* Completely self-contained digital recording system: recorder/editor, digital mixer, onboard effects (with VS8F-1) and removable or fixed storage media
* 64-tracks of digital hard disk recording (eight primary tracks; eight virtual tracks per primary track)
* 500 total track minutes or 60 minutes of recording time per track in Standard Mode using 1Gbyte Jaz drive
* Completely non-destructive editing; cut, copy, erase, exchange, move, insert
* Advanced digital features like Scrub Preview, Time Stretch, Time Compression
* "Comp" from various "takes" to create the perfect track
* 14-channel, fully digital mixer; full automation is possible with an external MIDI sequencer
* Two powerful onboard multi-effects when expanded with the VS8F-1
* Fixed hard drive or built-in Iomega Jaz drive for data storage; take song data with you just like tape
* Built-in SCSI port offers storage with SyQuest, MO drives, etc.
* Digital in/out, MIDI Time Code and MIDI Machine Control for sync
* Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the BOSS BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio.